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Travelling within the USA has never been easier or more enjoyable than when renting with Hertz, your choice of vehicle group, rental location and options are almost endless. 

Spoil yourself and rent a vehicle within our popular ‘The Prestige Collection’, ‘The Fun Collection’ or ‘The Green Collection’.

The USA offers some of the most spectacular drives in the world, whether it is the Pacific Coast Highway or Route 66, your Hertz rental car provides you with the means to explore at your leisure.

If you’re anxious about renting and operating a vehicle in an unfamiliar city, let the Hertz NeverLost in-car navigation system be your guide. NeverLost functions as an automated navigator, providing voice and visual directions as you drive from your current location to your destination of choice.

One-way rentals are always an option, it may suit you to drive from Los Angeles to San Francesco, or from New York to Boston or between cities in the USA and Canada. Hertz offers you the flexibility you need for a driving holiday.